Leeds Festival 2019

I would dearly love to say that I was an official event photographer for this year's Leeds Festival at Bramham Park. But alas, I need to keep dreaming that one day that dream might become a reality, and I might well be one of those lucky souls who wandered round in the sweltering heat with their high-viz jackets on and that prized "official photographer" lanyard round their necks. Well, one has to dream, doesn't one?

So instead, in my capacity as unofficial photographer, I was forced to take my trusty Panasonic Lumix as I wouldn't have been allowed to take the EOS 5D. The zoom on the Lumix is impressive and pretty decent in low light, so all in all I was reasonably happy with some of the results, as shown below.

We saw some terrific bands last Friday, and although my shots don't really do them justice, one day I may be able to share some "official" event photos with you.

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