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Knaresborough Viaduct

I cannot think of a better place to start my Iconic Yorkshire project than a place I have wanted to shoot for a long time now – the stunning Knaresborough Viaduct.

Here are a selection of photos from the shoot, I hope you like them.

Please note, I have posted relatively low-res images here on purpose. In the event that I do actually take a shot that someone deems decent enough to want, I have tried to cover my interests. Any image in this series and indeed on the whole site may be purchased as a quality print, please feel free to contact me for pricing. (Print sales available through the site soon – marketing rant over!)

Iconic view from the castle
From the riverside pathway
The evening sun looked beautiful towards the weir, war memorial in the background
Attempt at a long exposure of the arches, riverside
Lovely reflections of the viaduct after the sun had set
My favorite shot of the night, a long exposure from the castle
Floodlit castle
Castle beautifully lit

So that’s the first in the series, the first of hopefully many. I had so much fun taking these shots and I feel that I learned a little bit more about my photography from doing it. Such as, I like rivers. Water in general. And bridges. And long exposures. God I love photography.

I hope you enjoyed my first post in the Iconic Yorkshire series. And I hope you will follow my journey. 

Next stop – well I haven’t decided yet. The weather is terrible for the next week so we will have to see. I do fancy Bolton Abbey….

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